​Learning at home

For children and young people who are unable to attend school as normal it is good to develop a good daily routine to provide them with some structure and purpose to the day which can benefit their physical, mental and emotional health.  You could discuss what kind of activities to add to the daily schedule with your child or young person and pull together your own timetables, here is a suggested outline of a day:

 Daily Routine.PNG

You can use a lot of every day or household objects to create fun ways to learn at home.

Here's some ideas and games to get you started:

Games for Maths and Literacy with Dice Playing Cards Letter Tiles.pdf

Make Your Own Dominoes.pdf


Snakes and Ladders Board.pdf

Origami Fortune Teller.pdf

Boxes 01.pdf

If you need dice to play a game but don't have any at home, google "roll dice" or click on this link Roll dice which will give you a range of virtual dice to choose from.  You can also try searching free apps to download.


40 Fun activity ideas that you can pick and choose to complete at leisure (Zen mode) or make into a fun competition with a reward at the end (point scoring mode). 

Activity Challenge - Zen Mode.pdf

Activity Challenge - Point Scoring.pdf

Feel free to email the virtual school with photos or scans of pieces of work including posters, stories and poems - virtual.school@halton.gov.uk - any work that doesn't show the child/young person's name could possibly be uploaded onto this website.


Get baking or cooking - if you have ingredients in the house why not get baking or get help with cooking meals?  Not only is it a good skill to learn but you also get to practise basic maths and English.  Here are some links to easy, child/young person friendly recipes:

BBC Good Food - Kid's baking recipes: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-baking

Great British Chefs - Recipes for Kids: https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/collections/kids-recipes

Baking Mad - Child friendly baking: https://www.bakingmad.com/recipes/kids-baking 


Twinkl - downloadable educational resources for early years, primary, secondary, EAL, SEND in Maths, English and Science.

To set up access go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/


Khan Academy - this an nonprofit organisation allowing users to access all their content for free.  They offer an extensive library to support maths, grammar, science, history and computing with videos, articles, quizzes, practical exercises and other resources.  The content is developed to fit the US/international grades rather than the British national curriculum years but here is an overview of the conversions: 

​UK​Reception​Year 1Year 2Year 3​Year 4​Year 5​Year 6​Year 7​Year 8​Year 9​Year 10​Year 11​
USA / International​Pre-Kindergarten​Kindergarten​1st Grade2nd Grade​3rd Grade​4th Grade​5th Grade​6th Grade​7th Grade​8th Grade​9th Grade (Freshman)​10th Grade (Sophomore)


You can sign up to access their resources here: www.khanacademy.org/signup (NB: the website doesn't support internet explorer).

Khan Academy App - For children aged 2 - 7 there's a free app that you can download on Apple or android devices.  The app has a massive library of contents including reading books, games, tracing letters or numbers, basic maths, practicing sounds, phonics and blending (again, bare in mind it is American therefore the sounds and pronunciations of some letters - particularly "z" will be different).  Some of the content can be accessed offline as well.


BBC Bitsize - lots of free resources for ages 3 to post-16 offering academic support in a huge range of subjects with games, tutorials, quizzes and much more. 

From Monday 20th April they will be publishing daily online lessons to support learning at home. 

Visit their site: BBC Bitesize


Teachit - resources developed by teachers in a range of subjects from EYFS to KS5.  Lots of worksheets, ideas, games and themed activities that can be downloaded.  You can normally sign up to access their free resources that are downloadable as PDFs. 

Current offer: free, unlimited access to all their resources across  until the end of April 2020.  For the duration that you're accessing as a subscriber you can download documents in any format so that resources can be used as they are or adapted to suit you and your child/young person's needs.  Just note that teachit have a few different websites for different subjects / key stages but you can only register one email address per site.

Links to each site:

Teachit Primary for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 English, Maths, Science and other subjects: https://www.teachitprimary.co.uk/

Teachit Maths for KS3 to KS5: https://www.teachitmaths.co.uk/

Teachit English for KS3 to KS5: https://www.teachitenglish.co.uk/

Teachit Science for KS3 to KS4: https://www.teachitscience.co.uk/

Teachit History for KS3 to KS5: https://www.teachithistory.co.uk/

Teachit Geography for KS3 to KS5: https://www.teachitgeography.co.uk/

Teachit Languages for KS3 to KS5: https://www.teachitlanguages.co.uk/


MyBnk: Family Money Twist - MyBnk is a leading UK charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes and e-learning resources for 5-25 year olds with schools and youth organisations.  They have developed a free set of resources for home learning for 5 - 11 year olds that complements the resources already available for schools.  Resources are available once you register a free account.

Family Money Twist - Age 5-7 years - Course content includes ways we earn money, value, needs and wants, tracking spends and saving.

Family Money Twist - Age 7-11 years  - Course content includes needs and wants, budgeting and saving and delayed gratification.


The Maths Factor - created by Carol Vorderman, this site is aimed at building confidence in maths for children and parents/carers through a range of short videos, interactive games and other resources. 

Current offer: free access to all the resources whilst schools are closed due to the coronavirus, access usually costs £2 per week.  Visit the site and sign up for access:  https://www.themathsfactor.com/


PhonicsPlay - lots of fun games and resources to support phonics learning through all phases.

Current offer: free access to all games and resources without needing to pay for subscription.  Visit their site: https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/ Login with username: march20 and password: home


Audible - audiobook streaming for all ages.  You can listen on most devices including phones, tablets, computer/laptop, Echo, Alexa and amazon devices.

Current offer: free streaming of dozens of audiobooks during the period of school closures (no membership required).  Visit: https://stories.audible.com/discovery


The Great Indoors - Scouts have got a massive bank of fun educational activities/ideas that you can do indoors with your children and young people.  There's also a link to a database that allows you to search for activities based on how long the activity lasts for, number of people the activity is suitable for and how much it would cost to do the activity.  If you have a garden space you could even do some activities in your garden.

Visit their site: https://www.scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors


National Geographic Kids - explore and learn amazing facts about things on Earth including animals, nature, history, scientific discoveries and countries.  There are competitions, quizzes and games on here and learning links to science, history and geography.  They also have a YouTube channel that you can stream lots of exploration and informative videos.

Visit their site: https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/


Scholastic Learn at Home - there are daily cross-curricular projects to suit children and young people from early years to KS4.  Each day is broken down into 4 learning experiences based around interesting topics, articles or videos.  Just bear in mind this is an American site therefore some words and spellings will be different.

The resources are free to access via this website: Scholastic Learn at Home


Chester Zoo - there are a range of free cross curricular activities and fact files for ages 3+.  You can search for age related or subject related activities.  Or browse through their entire list of activities as each one identifies the suitable age in the bottom corner. 

Visit: Chester Zoo Resources

They also have a YouTube channel and Facebook page - if you missed their virtual zoo tours you can catch up with them on their YouTube channel where you can learn lots of fun facts and get exclusive behind the scenes knowledge from their zoo keepers.

YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9UagJLiMdBIFOHYwT7eLA


Harry Potter at Home - for any Harry Potter fans (or soon to be fans!), the wizarding world website has now introduced a new "Harry Potter at Home" section with lots of fun activities, videos, quizzes and much more to keep you occupied. 

It's free to register an account for the site: https://www.wizardingworld.com


The World of David Walliams - visit this website for lots of free activities and also tune it at 11am each day for approximately 20 minutes to listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories.

Visit the site: The World of David Walliams


Julia Donaldson - the author of The Gruffalo and other well loved characters, has again worked with illustrator Axel Scheffler to bring some wonderful illustrations to help explain to children the rules around social distancing and why they should follow those rules. 

You can find the images here: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/news-and-features/features/2020/april/the-gruffalo-stick-man-and-the-smartest-giant-in-town-lend-a-paw-a-stick-and-a-hand-to-help-with-the-coronavirus-effort/ 

For the duration of the lockdown, Julia Donaldson is also running live video sessions every Thursday at 4pm on The Gruffalo's Facebook page


Virtual Museum Tours - explore different exhibitions in a range of museums from the comfort of your own home through 3d virtual tours.  Some of the museum websites will also offer resources that you can use at home.  Click on the links below to be transported to museums around the world:

National Museums Liverpool

Tate Britain, London - walk through British art

Natural History Museum, London

British Museum, London

Science Museum Group - also view their resources: https://learning-resources.sciencemuseum.org.uk/

Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Louvre, Paris, France

Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, Washington DC, USA

Smithsonian Natural History, Washington DC, USA 

NASA Langley Research Centre, Virginia, USA

Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

German Oceangraphic Museum, Stralsund, Germany

Musei Vatica, Vatican City


NASA at home - a range of science related articles and activities on there including podcasts, e-books, crafts and virtual tours.  Ideal for anyone who is interested in science and particularly space. 

Visit: https://www.nasa.gov/specials/nasaathome/index.html


Authorfy Creative - create an account for free to access lots of fun downloadable activities that range from arts and crafts, to book club questions and games as well as watch masterclasses by award-winning authors to inspire and boost reading and writing for pleasure.  Resources are regularly updated so you can access new materials.

Visit: https://authorfy.com/creative/


KidZania at home - lots of free downloadable activity packs that are linked to facts and skills for a number of different careers including acting, dentist, fashion designer, hair dressing and health.

Visit: KidZanie at Home


Dystopia2153 - a resource with links to literacy and STEAM for anyone aged 9-12 who has an interest in coding and/or graphic novels.  Current offer - access to the site and resources is free through to June 2020.

Sign up: Dystopia2153


Play Nintendo - free printable arts and crafts with popular game and animated characters.

Visit: Nintendo Printables


Disneyland Paris at Home - free access to a range of resources including arts and craft activities, recipes to try, tuturials to watch and more.

Visit: https://athome.disneylandparis.com/en/

Learn to draw a range of disney characters with step by step youtube tutorials: Disney Drawing Tutorials



This page will continue to be updated with any other links and resources that we come across.

For more subject specific support, please visit the Primary and Secondary pages.