‚ÄčPerson Centred Planning - One-Page Profile


Our Educational Psychology Service recently delivered training on one-page person-centred profiles which will complement the Boxall profiles which are a mandatory part of a PEP for all Halton CIC.  Following the training, they have provided a range of downloadable resources for designated teachers to use to develop person centred planning in school.


Character Strength Cards.pdf

Character Strengths and Virtues.docx

One Page Profile Headings Advice.pdf


PCP Training DTs Part 1.pptx

PCP Training DTs Part 2.pptx

Person-centred Practices in Schools Guide.pdf

Web Links for PCP Resources.pdf

PCP in Halton Information Flyer.pdf

PCP Troubleshooting and FAQs.pdf  * New from 26-06-2019*