Personal Education Plan

Halton's PEPs were developed by a working group with representations from early years settings, primary schools, secondary schools, social care and the virtual school as well as consultation with the Children in Care Council.

PEPs need to be completed on a termly basis for children aged 3 - 18.

It is now a requirement for a Boxall Profile Online to be completed on a termly basis for all Halton CIC alongside their PEPs.  For more information, please visit the Boxall Profile Online page.

Early Years - Nursery Age 3-4 & Reception

Halton Early Years PEP - July 2017.docx

Early Years PEP Guidance - July 2017.pdf

Early Years Foundation Stage Progress.pdf

Primary - Key Stage 1 & 2

Primary PEP Form - Dec 2017.docx

Primary School PEP Form Guidance - July 2017.pdf

Progress in Key stage 1 and 2.pdf

Secondary - Key Stage 3 & 4

Secondary PEP Form - Dec 2017.docx

Secondary School PEP Guidance - amended version.pdf

Secondary School PEP Form - good practice exemplar.pdf 

Secondary PEP Form - Dec 2017 Completed Exemplar.pdf


Post-16 PEP Form - Jan 2018.docx


 For support with Pupil Premium Plus including how to apply and interventions that have identified, please visit the Pupil Premium Plus page.

PEP Process Flow Chart

 The following flow chart outlines the roles and responsibilities within our PEP process.

PEP Flow Chart 04.png 

Here's a downloadable version of the PEP Process Flow Chart : PEP Process Flow Chart - AMENDED OCT 2017.pdf

A review of the PEP completion process for 2015/16 is available to download: Review of PEP Completion Process.pdf