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ReadingWritingSpelling, Punctuation & Grammar

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4-in-a-row - Y1 and 2 HFW 02

4-in-a-row - Y1 and 2 HFW 03

4-in-a-row - Y1 and 2 HFW 04

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Here are links and information about websites and apps that can support primary literacy:

Teach Your Monster To Read - a game that makes learning to read fun.  It covers phonics up to reading full sentences and is suitable for children in the first stages of learning to read (reception and Year 1) or for children who need a bit more support and practice to securely progress in their reading.  The website version is free to play and there is an app version however there's a cost of £4.99 for the app.

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National Literacy Trust - There's lots of support, advice, guidance and resources available through the National Literacy Trust.  They have developed a number of subsites as well to provide a variety of support for parents and carers. 

http://literacyapps.literacytrust.org.uk/  - a guide to help parents and carers to get the most out of apps to support children in developing their language and literacy.

www.wordsforlife.org.uk/  - support for parents and carers around developing children's language and literacy skills at home.  There's tips, advice, fun resources and information about developmental milestones available on this site.

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Oxford Owl for Home - access to free eBooks for ages 3-11, online activities as well as printable resources and guides available to support reading, SPaG, vocabulary, handwriting and creative writing.  There is also support for maths and a guide for parents as to what to expect children to learn in English and maths in each curriculum year at primary school including how they are assessed or what tests they will take in each year.