Primary Maths



Multiplication Grid - Fill in the missing numbers and complete the grid.The rows, columns and diagonals all add to the same number.  Fill in the missing numbers and find the magic number.




The Magic Number is: _________



Link to list of maths terms explained: Maths Vocab 

NumberCalculations​MeasuresShape & Space​Handling Data​
Compare & Order Decimals

Angles - Type & How to Measure





NumberCalculationsMeasuresShape & SpaceHandling Data

Place Value - Whole Numbers

Place Value - Decimals

Adding Single Digits 01

Money - Change from £1

Money - Change from 20p

Time Facts

Time Word Problems

Angles - Measure and Draw

Reflection - Patterns 01

The Safari - Bar Graph

The Safari - Tally Chart


​1 - 12 Times Tables

Footie Frenzy - Times Tables 1-12.pdf

3 Times Tables Colouring 01

3 Times Tables Colouring 02

Multiplication Maze - 2 times tables 01 Jack vs Jill.pdf

Multiplication Maze - 3 times tables 01 Larry the Lion.pdf



Blockly - learn computer coding skills for free through fun tutorial / games.  Your progress should be save automatically between sessions.  Helps to practise maths and language at the same time. 



Scratch - another creative computer coding site with plenty of tutorials that will help you to build your own projects such as basic games, animations and even short story books.  You can upload your own drawings to be used in your digital creations.  You can also have a go at projects that have been created by other Scratch users.  An account is needed to access the site but it's free to join.

For ages 8+ visit: 

For ages 5-7 there's Scratch Jr:

Both Scratch and Scratch Jr are available to download as an app.