Upcoming Events


Our next activity days will be run in May Half Term 2018. 

If you have any questions about any of our activities please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on Virtual.School@halton.gov.uk.

ARTS AWARD BRONZE LEVEL - We have an exciting project for our young people in Year 8 and Year 9!!!  Invitations have been sent out to young people to take part in our project exploring clay work and sculpting.  The project will involve 4 days of activities: 2 days for research and creating an art piece, 1 day helping out at an activity day with a small group of younger children and 1 day for a fun trip to the Liverpool World museum where they will get to see the Terracotta Army exhibit amongst all the other exhibits available.  Once the project has been completed the young people will get an accredited award for their hard work.


2017-18 Activity Programme & Support

Our activity and support programme consists of the following:

  • Education & Opportunity Activities which will generally take place during school holidays that focus on a range of skills and for KS4 there will be focus on preparing young people for life beyond school.
  • Interventions which provide extra support to our children and young people through a variety of different resources available to us.

Below are outlines for each programme - for each event we'll be sending out invitations and letters to children/young people and carers in advance of the date with information and details for booking onto the events.  Upcoming event invitations will be displayed at the top of the page.


Date & VenueTarget groupActivity TitleDetails

Tues 24th Oct 2017

10am – 3:30pm

Year 3 & Year 4Monster Mayhem

Children will be using their creativity skills to make monster puppets and using their imagination to develop a character profile for them.  There will be fun monster games to put numeracy and literacy skills to the test.

Thurs 26th Oct 2017

10am – 3:30pm

KS3Time for a Change

Young people will be using their creativity and team work to design a product and then promoting it to a panel of judges in a dragon's den enterprise activity.

Thurs 16th Nov 2017

9am – 5pm

Birmingham NEC

Year 10 & Year 11 (Selected cohort)Skills Show

A skills and careers event that offers the opportunity to find out more about a range of career paths and also have a go and hands on stalls to test out skills associated with different careers.

Spring TermYear 8 & 9 BoysPHEW – Young Addaction

6 week programme focusing on developing skills, strategies and confidence in: physical health, emotional well being, self-regulation, aspiration and engagement in learning.

Spring TermYear 8 & 9 GirlsGLAM – Young Addaction

6 week programme focusing on developing understanding, skills and strategies in: self-image and esteem, self-regulation, peer relationships and personal relationships and boundaries.

Mon 12th Feb 2018


KS3Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Young people will be given the opportunity to learn more about mental health and be given strategies to build resilience to deal with challenges in the future.

Tues 13th Feb 2018

10am – 3:30pm

Year 9 – Year 11Preparation Pays Off

Young people will be given support to develop revision and organisational skills and cut down on exam stress as well as looking at post- 16 options.

Thurs 15th Feb 2018

10am – 3:30pm

Year 1 & Year 2Gruffalo Fun

Children will take part in a range of activities in an outdoor environment based on the book "The Gruffalo".

Tues 3rd Apr 2018


Year 7 & Year 8Options

There will be an opportunity to get advice from a careers advisor about opportunities available and choosing the subjects that would best lead to the desired career.

Wed 4th Apr 2018

10am – 3:30pm

Reception & KS1Commando Joe's

There will be a range of problem solving activities and obstacle courses during the day to develop communication and leadership skills.​

Mon 9th Apr 2018

10am – 3:30pm

KS4Commando Joe's

There will be a range of practical and physical activities that will build resilience and confidence throughout the day as well as developing leadership and communication skills through team building tasks.​

Tues 10th Apr 2018

10am – 3:30pm

Year 9 & Year 10Apprenticeships

An oppotunity to learn about apprenticeships as a post- 16 option; what qualifications are required and how to apply for them.

Tues 29th May 2018

10am – 3:30pm

Year 5 & Year 6Outward Bound

Children will be able to take part in fun team building games before having a go at orientation activities in a safe outdoor environment.

Thurs 7th June 2017

4pm- 8pm

Cronton and Kingsway Campuses

Year 10Riverside Open Evening

An opportunity to look at the local college and speak to tutors about what courses may be of interest and how to get on them.

Mon 25th June 2017

10am- 4pm


Year 11Kickstart Summer

A day to celebrate the end of exams in a fun way and get to know the Virtual School team.

Thurs 28th June 2017

10am- 4pm

Liverpool John Moores University

Year 11Visit to LJMU

A visit to a University to see if Higher Education is a suitable progression or not.

Thurs 28th June – Fri 29th June 2017

Liverpool John Moores University

Year 10Residential at LJMU

An opportunity to have a taste of University life with young people from other areas and meet some of the students, tutors and support staff.

Tues 31st Aug 2017

10am – 3:30pm

Year 6Moving Up

A day to celebrate the end of primary school and look at preparations for secondary school including any support that we could offer and an opportunity for any questions to be asked.​

Fri 24th Aug 2017

Year 11Next Steps

A day to celebrate exam results, ensure that the post- 16 options are still suitable and offer alternative pathways if needed.



InterventionTarget GroupDetails
Storytime MagazineYears 4 & 5

A subscription to a story magazine sent out monthly to each child at their placement address.

Curiosity Book ClubReception & targeted children identified through PEPs & attainment results

Partnership with local bookstore "Curiosity Bookshop" to provide individualised book parcels sent out to a child's placement address once a term for the academic year.

1:1 Tuition after schoolAs requested

Working alongside a tuition agency to arrange after school tuition for a range of subjects.

Literacy & Numeracy Activity PacksAs required – targeted children identified through PEPs and attainment targets

Bespoke packs to support literacy and numeracy skills through learning at home.  Packs can include:

  • Activity sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Games
  • Suggested online resources
Virtual School Website – Primary, Secondary and Post-16 sectionsPrimary, Secondary & Post-16

Developing sections within the Virtual School website to support children & young people from primary through to post-16.


  • To provide links to fun educational games on a range of topics
  • To provide subject specific information including tutorials and links to relevant websites
  • To provide worksheets for a range of subjects
  • To provide information and guidance around key stages including Year 8/9 options years and post-16 options


 A downloadable copy of the full activity programme: VS Activity Days and Interventions 2017-18 FINAL.pdf