Activity & Support Programme

Details of our support programme are below.  

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The aim of our interventions are to provide extra support to our children and young people through a variety of different resources available to us.

Support / Interventions

Intervention Target Group Details

1:1 Direct Work

As requested

1:1 sessions working alongside the Education Support Workers. Targeted support for children or young people who may need additional help within a range of different areas.  For more information visit the ESW Direct Work page.


  • To provide 1:1 support on a short-term basis.
  • To focus upon different areas, including emotional support.
  • To monitor the short-term impact of these sessions; providing feedback to those adults involved.
1:1 Tuition As requested

Working alongside a tuition agency to arrange after school tuition for a range of subjects should a child or young person request this support.


  • To provide good quality 1:1 support on a child or young person’s identified subject.
  • To provide tuition in more than one subject should it be needed.
  • To monitor progress through reports received from tutors for each session.
Virtual School Website All CIC/CL

Developing sections within the Virtual School website to support children and young people from primary through to post-16 as well as parents and carers.


  • To provide activities and ideas for learning at home and supporting positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • To provide subject specific information including quick guides and links to relevant websites.
  • To provide worksheets for a range of subjects.
  • To provide information and guidance around key stages including Year 8/9 options years and post-16 options.
Activity Packs All Pre-School, Primary & Secondary CIC

Tailored activity packs have been put together and posted out to children and young people aged 0-16 for the Summer holidays with items including books, games, worksheets, arts & crafts and hands on activities.


  • To provide a range of resources to be used at home either independently or with parent/carer support.
  • To support a range of skills and curriculum areas including reading, writing, speaking & listening, maths and mental health & wellbeing.
Storytime Magazine KS1 & KS2 - identified through PEPs and progress / attainment data.

A year's subscription to a story magazine sent out monthly to each child at their placement address.


  • To develop an interest in reading through brightly illustrated magazines rather than books.
  • To develop reading skills through easy to read short stories.
Curiosity Book Club Reception & targeted CIC identified through PEPs and attainment data.

Partnership with local bookstore “Curiosity Bookshop” to provide individualised book parcels sent out to a child’s placement address once a half term for the academic year.


  • To encourage reading at home by providing reading materials that a CIC can read individually or with carers.
  • To tailor reading materials to suit individual needs, levels or reading and interests / hobbies.

Post-16 Opportunities

KS3, KS4 & Post-16

Linking in with different colleges and universities - identifying further education opportunities, courses which are available, campus tours, meeting student reps who are care leavers and taking part in events being run by outreach teams.  Visits to career and skills fairs to look at a range of career options and in some cases to get a hands-on experience of the skills involved in different jobs.


  • To provide young adults with a range of options outside of the school setting.
  • To identify potential further education options or potential careers which may be open to them.


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