Halton Virtual School Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) Offer

Upon arrival (either as an LA transfer or Spontaneous Arrival) the VS will complete an Initial Education Assessment and Initial PEP to gain as much previous information to aid admissions conversations.

Pre 16 (Statutory School Age)We have good links with local schools particularly those who have specialist EAL provisions, also we have on occasion entered students into the previous academic year to their age, to allow them time to learn and hopefully achieve qualifications.

Post 16 – We have good links with the DTs and ESOL provisions in our local Colleges, encouraging mid-term admissions.

As with the rest of the Virtual School cohort, all UASCs in education will receive termly PEP meetings to monitor and encourage their progress. The Virtual School Quality Assure all of these to make sure aspirations are raised and achievements are met.  If the student is of Statutory School Age and not accessing education, all effort will be made to provide interim alternative provision as with the rest of the cohort.  Similarly, if the UASC is Post 16 and not in education, employment, or training (NEET), a NEET PEP will be completed to monitor this and actively support the individual to move into education, employment or training (EET)*, linking in with Key Workers, Social Care and local Transition Advisors.

(* Due to Visa restrictions, unless the YP has “Leave to remain” Education is their only option, as they are not allowed to work so cannot access apprenticeships, employment etc.*)

Social Care Links – The Virtual School have very close links with the Social Care teams, meeting regularly and having a good working relationship to be able to support each other with supporting our young people into and through their education, Monthly North Western Region UASC Education Forum for Virtual Schools and Social Care meetings are held to network and collaborate to where all can support each other and improve the service.



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