Visualise your dream. Dare to try. Learn to release your potential.

I want to start by saying that it is an honour and a privilege to be the Headteacher of Halton Virtual School and to be working with our children and young people in care here in Halton, along with all the teachers, social workers, other professionals and carers who support them.

Every member of the Virtual School is passionate about providing all the support, encouragement and guidance our children and young people need to achieve their full potential in whichever areas their talents and interests lie.  We are highly aspirational for all our young people in all aspects of their lives and we work hard to actively remove barriers to their lives so that we can help to transform their futures and improve their life chances.  We recognise and champion that success is not just measured through examination results and that is why we also look to develop interactive and innovative wider enrichment opportunities that can support each one of our children and young people at every stage of their journey.

We hope you take time to look through our website which gives you more information on why we are called a Virtual School and all the things we do to fulfil our vision of supporting each young person to visualise their dreams, dare to try at all things that will help them to achieve this and show them how to learn to release their true potential.

Ben Holmes

Headteacher of Halton Virtual School

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