Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunters:

Adventure and exploration is the theme of the day!  Treasure hunters are put to the test in a range of challenges to develop their listening, visual and problem solving skills. 

We are transported to a range of locations including Egypt, Greece, China, Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean on the quest to find lost treasures.  The challenge is to unlock each level of puzzles to reach the location of the treasure and face the last puzzle which will break the lock to release the treasure. 

Curriculum Links:

  • History - themes within the day include Ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, Mayans with related terminology.
  • Maths - puzzle solving involving basic operations, times tables, mazes and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Maths - piecing together clues to find the final numeric code to unlock the treasure.
  • English - puzzle solving including word searches, riddles and code breaking.

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