Agent Code Breakers

Agent Code Breakers

Agent recruits were led by a team of experienced agents to train their skills ready to be sent on assignments.  Training included exploring landmarks and food from around the world as well as learning about different ciphers and codes that are used to keep messages and information secret.  Once they had proven their skills they were sent on a mission to locate enemy agents by going on a QR code trail solving riddles and deciphering messages.

Curriculum links:

  • History – explore different ciphers and codes including how they were developed and used.
  • Geography – identifying flags for different countries and famous landmarks from around the world.
  • Maths – problem solving – use knowledge about ciphers and codes to crack coded text.
  • Computing - use appropriate technology and software to take on a QR trail.
  • PSHE – interpersonal skills – communication and team working.

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