Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Halton's PEPs were developed by a working group with representations from early years settings, primary schools, secondary schools, social care and the virtual school as well as consultation with the Children in Care Council.

All Halton PEPs are now completed on the social care's Eclipse system as an electronic PEP.  Training has been provided to DTs in all Halton schools as well as out of borough schools where there are Halton CIC on roll.

PEPs need to be completed on a termly basis for children aged 3 - 18.

Halton DTs have also had training in completing and using Boxall Profiles and have access to the online Boxall through the Virtual School subscription (for queries around access to this please contact the virtual school team).  Therefore it is expected that Boxall Profiles are completed for our CIC and attached to their PEPs whilst using them to inform target setting and evidencing progress.  For more information, please visit the Boxall Profile Online page.

For support with Pupil Premium Plus including how to apply and interventions that have identified, please visit the Pupil Premium Plus page.

PEP Process Flow Chart

The following flow chart outlines the roles and responsibilities within our PEP process:

SOCIAL WORKER initiates PEP process by arranging a date for the PEP meeting and ensure all relevant parties are invited. 





SCHOOL completes the Eclipse PEP document prior to the meeting - support from PEP Coordinators is available where needed. 



PEP meeting takes place - all parties contribute to discussions around information on the PEP document and any additional placement or education needs or changes.



SCHOOL will review and add any additional comments from relevant parties that were made at the meeting. Once the PEP document is complete, school will submit the PEP to the virtual school team.

N.B. All PEPs need to be signed off by the Designated Teacher before being submitted.

The PEP document needs to be received and quality assured within 10 working days of the meeting taking place.




PEP COORDINATORS will quality assure the PEP and VIRTUAL SCHOOL HEAD will review PP+ requests. This will be done using the quality assurance criteria and each document RAG rated.

If PP+ requests need clarification or information is missing from the document, PEP coordinators will reassign the document back to school for re-editing.  

If the PEP does not meet the quality assurance criteria, funding may not be given.




Once appropriate changes have been made the PEP coordinators will approve completion of the document on Eclipse.




PP+ requests are forwarded to the Finance team to process for journal schools and Admin team for cheque book schools.


SCHOOL should put interventions in place as soon as the PEP has been completed rather than waiting for funding to be sent to schools first.




VIRTUAL SCHOOL will email schools to inform them of when PP+ payment has been processed.

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