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NEW Talking Science Webinars (Science & Technology Facilities Council STFC)

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Event:  Zoom Webinar - STFC Talking Science Online - The life of an atom - Guest Speaker - Chris Pearson

Date & Time: Thursday 27th January 2022 6-7pm

Age: 11+

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Have you ever wondered where the carbon in our bodies, the oxygen in the air or the gold in your jewellery come from? The people and things we see around us such as our friends, our food and our phones mark the end of a long journey of constant recycling and reincarnation. Everyone has probably seen the quintessential car bumper sticker “We are all made of stardust” and it is true that at some point in the past of cosmic history, our atoms were forged in the hearts of stars. However, that isn’t quite the origin story and this talk will take us on a journey from the earliest cosmic times to the present.

Everything we see around us was originally created in its simplest form at the beginning of time, from a hydrogen atomic nucleus during the Big Bang. From this point, these simple particles have journeyed through space and time, undergoing a metamorphosis that has resulted in the world that we see around us and human beings themselves. To put it simply, we are the manifest of a Universe that is still trying to figure itself out!



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