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Although we have a broad range of activities running for our children during the school holidays we understand that there are certain children and young people who cannot access those days for a variety of reasons.  Therefore we have been putting together activity packs for school aged children and young people which are sent to them directly.  Items in the packs vary depending on age and we take into account any SEN needs.  They include items such as books, games, activities and worksheets to help support a range of skills and curriculum areas.



Summer 2020

These were our first parcels as we wanted to "Keep in Touch" with our children in Reception to Year 11 following the cancellation of our activity programme due to covid-19.  Items included:

  • Book
  • Card Game
  • Wellbeing Pack
  • Worksheets
  • Competitions
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Easter 2021

For the Easter break we sent out packs to all our CIC from Reception to Year 11.  The content of the packs varied depending on age and some were tailored to specific needs but all included a range of resources such as:

  • Book
  • Card game
  • Grow Your Own Wildflowers or Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs pack
  • Worksheets - word searches, mindfulness colouring, 30 day activity challenge, nature trail.

The skills and curriculum areas these packs cover includes:

  • Reading - we went for factual books this time round which touched upon Science, Nature, Geography and History.  There were also instructions on how to use the Grow Your Own kits, how to DIY plant pots and how to play card games.
  • Writing - within the 30 day activity challenge there were writing activities and Reception/Year 1 children received activity books.
  • Speaking & Listening - communication is needed when playing games, children and young people would also be able to discuss what they have read, or as part of the 30 day challenge there would have been tasks involving communication.
  • Maths - some of the card games involved a range of skills such as logic, strategy, probability, number, shape and memory.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing - mindfulness colouring as well as the 30 day activity challenge linking in with the 5 ways to wellbeing.
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Summer 2021

We were able to send packs out to all of our pre-school children as well our school age cohort this time which extended the age of those getting activity packs to 0-16 years old.


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