ESW Direct Work

We have a number of Education Support Workers in the team who are able to provide short term direct work sessions to support our children in care.  This extra support is for anything over and above what our children are entitled to or are already receiving.  The process for making a referal for direct work is outlined below.

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ESW direct work can provide: 

ESW direct work is not: 

Short term intervention over and above what the child or young person receives from their education provision. 

Support within the child or young person’s home to set/model homework routine or to build confidence in completing learning at home. 

Extra resources to support with core subject learning. 

Touch base sessions with a child or young person at identified points in the academic year. 

Long term support 

In-school support (unless in exceptional circumstances such as to support re-integration) 

Work that would need more professional or in-depth support such as counselling, therapy and longer-term subject tuition. 

Transport for the child/young person to attend their education provision.


What does short term intervention mean?

It could be from one or two one off sessions up to a full term of support depending on the child/young person’s needs.  This would be reviewed at agreed points within the intervention period.

Can designated teachers, social workers or carers make a request for direct work sessions? 

Designated teachers, social workers, carers and CIC can raise any issues or support needs during meetings or discussions, however VS PEP & Progress Coordinators/PEP Leads will be the ones to complete and submit the request form for direct work.  This is to ensure that any work requested is over and above what the child or young person is already entitled to/is receiving and to make sure it is the right support to put in place. 

Where would the direct work sessions take place? 

Sessions such as homework modelling would take place in the child/young person’s home with a parent/carer/keyworker present, or at least in close proximity, so that any routines put in place can be maintained once the ESW direct support sessions end.  There may be exceptional circumstances that might need an alternative venue (such as a library, children’s centre or school etc.) so that the child/young person would engage more positively and this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Is this support just for statutory school-aged children?

Whilst there is a lot of focus on school-aged children, we also have support workers who can provide advice and support with pre-school children.  This could include areas such as activities or resources to promote early learning and development, linking into different services or working with early years provisions.  We also have support available for our post-16 cohort through other VS team members rather than through ESW direct work.


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