Wizard's Keep

Wizard's Keep

Master Wizards invited apprentices to join them at the Wizard's keep.  Whilst there they were put to the test to develop their skills and abilities by taking on a quest to find potion ingredients and completing their potion spell books.

Challenges included battling against others in games of "Giants, Wizards, Elves", solving riddles and playing Wizard's football.  Creativity was also key for making spell catchers and coming up with their own spells!

Curriculum Links:

  • Art & Design – to use a range of materials to create a dream catcher.
  • English – use “Macbeth" (Act 4 Scene 1, lines 14-15) as inspiration to create their own revolting spell.
  • English – deducing meaning from clues and riddles – identifying synonyms and using knowledge of homonyms.
  • Maths – use knowledge of multiplication tables, shape and space, number/probability and use problem solving skills.

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