Training Events

Raising Aspirations - Thursday 26th September 2019, 9:30am - 1:00pm

We are running a training event for social workers and parents or carers with Halton children in care.  

The agenda for the day will include:

  • An introduction from Sharon Williams, Headteacher of the Virtual School, and the the virtual school team.
  • PEPs - updates to the form for 2019-2020, roles and responsibilities, links to the Boxall profile, links to one page profile and the virtual school 5 point measure of success.
  • Pupil Premium Plus - the process of funding and guidance around what it can and cannot fund.
  • Activity & Support Programme - things that Halton Virtual School do to support our children and young people.
  • Ways Halton Virtual School can support you to help our children and young people make progress and raise aspirations - i.e. training needs, communication, resources.


The training is relevant for parents/carers with Halton CIC who are school aged.

Booking for this is essential - please contact the virtual school if you would like more information:


​We will always welcome suggestions for areas of support and new training ideas in relation to supporting the education of our children in care.

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