Brain Train

Multiplication Grid - Fill in the missing numbers and complete the grid.  
x 3   6  
5       40
9   45    



Blockly - learn computer coding skills for free through fun tutorial / games.  Your progress should be save automatically between sessions.  Helps to practise maths and language at the same time. 


Scratch - another creative computer coding site with plenty of tutorials that will help you to build your own projects such as basic games, animations and even short story books.  You can upload your own drawings to be used in your digital creations.  You can also have a go at projects that have been created by other Scratch users.  An account is needed to access the site but it's free to join.

For ages 8+ visit: 

For ages 5-7 there's Scratch Jr:

Both Scratch and Scratch Jr are available to download as an app.


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